Running in Moab

Karen Brown

One route I particularly enjoy is not even in Salt Lake City, but in Moab. I run south on the main street in Moab and turn right at the McDonald’s. This road curves along and, staying to your left, eventually parallels the Colorado River. The road is paved for several miles and even when it becomes dirt, it is still good footing with minimal traffic. Early along the way, you can spot an arch high up on the opposite side of the river on the right. Farther down on your left is a small cove with ancient petroglyphs. There is no water along this route, so if you’re heading out for any length of time, you may want to take water. In the mornings, this is a cool place to run and there is often a nice breeze (which can also be pretty chilling in the winter months). The route is out-and-back.