Red Butte Garden Trail

Kim Hart

My favorite trail run in SLC starts from the University Hospital. Before work, I drive up to the parking lot where I can jump on the trail. Traversing the benches, I run past Red Butte Gardens and then towards Emigration Canyon. After passing through a fence, I stay right until I come to a fork. I opt to go left; the right fork takes you down to the road by “This is the Place” State park. Veering left takes you on a short loop. Be careful, as here the trail takes you past lush poison ivy. In the spring there are beautiful wild flowers here, as well. Staying right, the loop takes you back to the fork. For variety, on the way back I take different trails that splinter off the mail trail. After passing back through the fence and by Red Butte Gardens, I’m back at my truck. Unfortunately, the rest of my day must begin; at least it began with a good note!