East Salt Lake

George Adams

This run starts at 19th East and 21st South and heads straight north. It is a gentle upgrade along 1900 East which keeps me from starting out too fast. When I get to Sunnyside Avenue, I turn west to Guardsman Way. This slight downgrade is a relief from nearly two miles of uphill. Turning north on Guardsman, the run levels off and is reasonably flat to South Campus Drive. At this point, I’m ready for the challenge of a long upgrade. As I head uphill on South Campus Drive, I’ve been running for close to 30 minutes. My body is warmed up; I feel loose and relaxed. The pace slows and I take on a half-mile of fairly strenuous uphill. This is only a preview of upcoming attractions. I’ll take on a steeper hill to get up behind the University Medical Center. In between, I’ll be treated to some fairly flat and scenic running to give my body a break. This flat portion occurs as I turn north on Wasatch Drive through the University golf course. The real challenge begins as I head due east along the northerly road that takes me past the John Moran Eye Center to the upper Medical Center parking lot. It gets steep and my pace slows to a crawl. From the parking lot, I can get off the pavement and run on some soft trails. The route levels off and I can catch my breath. At the mouth of Red Butte Canyon, I hop on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and follow it over to Sunnyside Avenue. This is the most enjoyable portion of the run, offering a fantastic view of the most enjoyable portion of the run, offering a fantastic view of the Salt Lake Valley along the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. Cresting the hill above Pioneer Trails State Park, I cross some rolling hills back to Sunnyside Avenue. Once on Sunnyside, it’s time to put the hammer down and pick up the pace. “It’s downhill all the way” as they say in St. George on marathon day. Except for a short portion just after Hogle Zoo, it really is downhill all the way home. If I make the traffic light on Foothill Blvd., I’ll keep going to 19th East.