City Creek Canyon

Paul Borgmeier

My favorite run is any run involving our own City Creek Canyon. The canyon is always cool and refreshing during the summer; what a nice break from the heat. The leaves turn colors and add to the already peachy scenery in the fall. During the winter (after the road has been plowed and it has not snowed for a bit), you get the feeling of being in a faraway place. When spring arrives, the air stays crisp all day long. I like this run because the canyon has:

  • Easy access from Memory Grove, the Capitol, or the University area
  • Means of providing a quick escape from the city
  • Great scenery
  • Wildlife to see (such as deer, raccoons, birds, and fish)
  • Water available in at least four spots (except in winter)
  • Random mile markers for measuring progress
  • Trail running options just north of the road
  • Down hill running on the way back

The gate at the entrance of the canyon is 5K from my house. I like to boogie up Virginia Street near Shriner’s and then run past the resting people on 11th Avenue; a nice recovery after the hill. Eleventh Avenue leads to Gravity Hill and then to the mouth of the canyon. If it is a morning run, I run to the 1- or 2-mile sign (depending on if the first digit on my alarm clock is a 5 or a 6) and then back. If it lunch time, I only have time to run to the gate, look in, wish, and then turn around. On weekends, I usually make it to the water treatment plant (or beyond) before returning. If you choose to run in City Creek, leave the city behind, watch out for bikes, and look for me – the guy having fun. Because if you see me, you will know I am on my favorite run.