The Sunday Sunrise Seven-Miler: My Favorite Route

Becky Davis

This route includes some of the most popular streets for running in the city and the distance is easily varied. I enjoy this run the most when we meet at the Cathedral Church of St. Mark (231 East 100 South) on Sunday mornings. Ran Macdonald and I must be in our choir robes by 9:30 and this is our preferred method of warming up. We can usually persuade friends to run with us, but we can’t always get them to sing. Tour note: this is the oldest continually-in-use church building west of the Mississippi. Some of the stained glass windows are Tiffany designs.

To begin the run, go west to State Street, turn right to North Temple. Turn right again, then take the first left at Canyon Road. Continue north through Memory Grove for about a mile, enjoying the sounds of City Creek without city traffic. Just below the entrance to City Creek Canyon you make a U-turn to the right. This is Bonneville Blvd. Stay to the right in the bicycle/running lane and proceed south to 11th Ave. As you continue this gentle climb and come around a curve, you are rewarded with a view. Once you reach 11th Ave., turn left and run along the bicycle lane. The next great view, day or night, is along the north edge of the Salt Lake Cemetery. Continue on to Virginia Street where Popperton Park is on your left, Shriners Hospital is on your right. Now head south and practice those downhill running skills, turning right again at 4th Ave. for a more gentle descent back to the point of origin.

My favorite way to finish this run is to drop down on “E” Street, grab coffee and a bagel at the corner of South Temple, then walk back to the start. To add extra miles, just continue up City Creek Canyon when you are there. There is ample opportunity to get a drink or refill your water bottle. Fountains are located in Memory Grove, at the gate (and above) in City Creek Canyon, just below Shriners’ Hospital (to the east of Virginia St.) and even in the cemetery if you know where to look. So enjoy this route on your own, or come join us. You don’t have to sing but you’ll have so much fun you might just hum a few bars!